The spit thing

How do you make a technical story into something real and personal?


Certain pain drugs are metabolised by an enzyme system called CYP2D6. This system works at different rates: too fast in some patients, too slow in others. As a result not all patients experience the same quality of pain control. Some don't get enough analgesia; some have too many side effects. We were asked to explain this to doctors so they'd consider the CYP2D6 issue every time they saw a patient with problematic pain control. (Our client had a ready-made answer in the form of a brand not metabolised by the CYP2D6 system.)


We made the usual items - posters, animated graphics and printed handouts. But we also created 'The Spit Booth' so doctors could participate by providing a saliva sample to discover their own CYP2D6 status. The print work was clever and informative, but putting doctors' own body fluids to the test really brought the message home.

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