The real-time thing

How do you make disease assessment a real-time process?


Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a kind of spinal arthritis; it's painful, debilitating and gets progressively worse. To control it, the treatment needs to keep pace with the disease - something that can only happen if there's regular assessment. But to assess a disease like AS is a time-consuming, form filling exercise. A doctor and patient may only have 15 minutes together in a whole year; proper assessment may not happen. And when symptoms become severe enough to warrant stepping up treatment to a drug like Humira, the moment to act is missed or delayed.


Working in collaboration with the The Royal National Hospital of Rheumatic Diseases and the Humira brand team we set out to streamline the whole process of assessment in AS. Our answer was Talking AS, a digital platform that prompts patients to record information about their symptoms on a regular basis - at home. That patient data is then encrypted and shared across the NHS N3 firewall so that rheumatologists can follow their patients' disease progression in real time. Treatment can keep pace with changes in the disease and doctor-patient time can be used for something more valuable than form filling.

Talking AS won the prestigious Geoff Brook Award for innovation from The Pharmaceutical Marketing Society.

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