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How do you take an issue doctors never see and make it into something they can't forget?


Asthma treatment needs to go deep into the lungs to do its job. That can't happen unless people use their inhaler devices correctly. But most of us fail at this, because with current inhalers there are just too many ways to get it wrong. Teva Respiratory believes in intuitive design; it has launched an inhaler that people can just pick up and use with barely any need for instruction. This device has the potential to improve asthma control and cut hospitalisations. But Teva's first task is to get doctors to believe the problem of inhaler misuse exists at all. It is not something many GPs are aware of and it's rarely their prime suspect when asthma treatment fails.


We devised a challenge for doctors called 'Inhaled or Failed?' First we filmed people using popular inhalers in lots of different ways - with good technique and bad. Then we created a digital game format in which doctors could score points by saying who 'inhaled' and who 'failed'. By making lots of errors of their own, doctors taking the challenge soon discovered the truth about inhaler technique. And an abstract argument, about something doctors never see, is suddenly obvious and irrefutable.

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