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What is Thingvertising?


We coined the term thingvertising to describe a particular kind of tactical idea - the kind created to change behaviour by treating people as participants in the campaign rather than just recipients of a message.

You can read more about what thingvertising is in The Little Book of Thingvertising

or learn how to practise thingvertising yourself in our guide How Do You Do?

Everything marketers worry about - on one handy diagram

Are you troubled by ignorance, scepticism, apathy and inertia?

You should be; these are the four horsemen of every marketer's working life. Whenever we want someone to buy something, or do anything, each one of these foes must be dealt with in turn. That's how the journey goes - the customers have to know what the message is, believe it and care enough about it before they ultimately act on it - and that last step is the most important of all.

If our work doesn't end in measurable behaviour we're not really marketing, we're just paying to talk at people.

That's why we drew our diagram.

The effectiveness gap

We believe conventional marketing tools like advertising will always be the best way to spread the message and build belief. However the job gets tougher the further we go along the journey from knowledge to behaviour change. In short, it's optimistic to think we can defeat apathy and inertia entirely by projecting messages at people. Help is needed.

How then do we fill the effectiveness gap? What other strategy can we add to the standard advertising model of communication by projection? Our answer is communication by participation - though we prefer to call it thingvertising.

Thingvertising ideas are tactics aimed squarely at creating behaviour change. They can never take the place of conventional tools, but we firmly believe they complete the marketing mix; that's why we include at least one in every pitch we do.

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